Moving On By: Trisha Grace

Title: Moving On
Author: Trisha Grace
Publisher: T.G.
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Rating: 5

"Moving On"  by Trisha Grace

What was this novel about?
"For twenty years, Tyler Hayes had been ripped from his childhood home. After the horrific accident that took away his parents’ life, Tyler’s grandfather removed him from the mansion and sent him away.

Now, after twenty years, his grandfather had passed away and he could finally go home. However, even in his death, Tyler’s grandfather had betrayed him once again, leaving the mansion to a woman he had never met.

Even though Kate Mitchell had never met Tyler, she knew all about the accident that changed the Hayes’s family. Unbeknownst to her, was how she was going to end up being caught in the middle of a long estranged relationship between two different generations.

Two complete different personalities would have to learn to get along and play nice in order to survive a will that would change their lives."

What I liked from this read.....

First up front, I thought "Moving On" story line was one good novel that showed one overcoming one's past and moving as with Tyler and Kate's life.  This author really worked with all of the interesting secondary characters that played a well developed, colorful (Evelyn, Joanne and Marianne)  part in this good flow of the story.  This author held nothing back showing the struggles and growth of these two main characters showing all of the events and emotions that will come up throughout the read. 

What I also liked and my impression.....

I will say this was definitely a suspenseful read that you will have to keep up with but after saying that .... I was able to follow the thoughts of this author on this interesting journey as you will see if "two complete different personalities learn to get along and play nice in order to survive a will that would change their lives."   And with saying that....I really enjoyed this  incredible told story as I listened from my Kindle.   I would recommend you  pick up "Moving On"  to see how this author brings it all out to the reader.  It will be one interesting, powerful land  entertaining  ride as you will see how this author uses her imagination to give the reader a good story.   


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