This Ain't A Love Story: Rock City II By: K'Aliyah Knight

Title:  This Ain't A Love Story:  Rock City 2
Author: K'Aliyah Knight
Publisher:  Alana's Book Line
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: 5

"This Ain't A Love Story:  Rock City 2" by K'Aliyah Knight

What was the novel about?

"Enter Rock City. Drugs, hustlers, youngbloods, OGs, and the beautiful women that…feel something like love for them. Y'all met the crew in "A Crazy Hood Love" so you know their full of drama. It had you all #TeamRico&Rockwell, but "This Ain't A Love Story" Who team will you be on Now?

There's a thin line between d*ck dizzy and love. Don't cross it. That’s the motto.
27 year old Leelee has never been in love. Don't get it twisted tho, this dark beauty can break necks when she walks past. And her husband, Marcel, puts in the type of work that makes all the chicks delirious. That’s just it. She's tired of his dog ways so any other d*ck will do. Now she's on a mission. She ain't looking for love she just want some sex. Will the dudes in the H put their fear of Marcel to the side to get a taste of her good?

On the opposite end of the spectrum is her niece, Rockwell, who knows she has found love. Matter fact, her boyfriend comes from a rich family and is on the path to being a doctor. Then enters Rico, From the moment she met him at age twelve, Rico had her heart. Whenever he’s near, she can’t be without him. Leelee has warned her to separate love from sex. The warning signs she gets when Rico's around, and her gut feeling that he hasn't knocked the hustle, still can't help her from falling... Will Rockwell play the title "This Ain't A Love Story" and fall in love or will she take Leelee' advice and wear her heart on her sleeve."

What I thought about this novel....

Well, I liked this novel much more than the first one...'A Crazy Hood Love Story: Rock City.'  I don't know why but I was able to understand this one so much more.  Once I started reading I wasn't able to put it down until the end...and then I was left wanting more!  The two main characters Rock and Rico are simply amazing characters along with Big Bo, LeeLee,  Marcel and Blu  to name a few.  This author did a wonderful job at being able grab the reader and hold your attention because there will be a lots going on in this dramatized story. 

My overall impression....

If you are looking for a good urban novel with lots of  drama and lots of twist and turns... you have come to the right place.  Be ready for a read full of  lies, infidelity, shadiness and even some love that leaves one to say  is  'WoW, that was a ending that will leave you wanting more from the next novel to see how in the world  this all with end!


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