Closing Books By Trisha Grace

Title:  Closing Books
Author:  Trisha Grace
Publisher:  T.G.
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: 5

"Closing Books" by  Trisha Grace...

What was this novel about?

* * * New Edition: 29 Aug 2013 * * * Reworked into Christian-based book * * *

"The traditional role of man and woman becomes twisted with Dan and Evelyn.

Dan wasn't a playboy. He didn't have any commitment issues. In fact, he wanted it all. Relationship and family. Only problem? He wanted it with someone who didn't want anything to do with him.

Evelyn didn't fool around in relationships because she had never been in one. She was certain that things like love and happily-ever-afters weren't meant for people like her. There was simply too much darkness in her past.

A past she thought she'd buried.

But she was wrong.

After more than a decade, her nightmare returned to haunt her, forcing her to face up to memories she couldn't seem to shake.

Could she ever close the books to her past and let go of the horrors she had been through? Could she ever learn to trust again?"

 and more.... from the author.....

"This is the second book in the Ghost of the Past series by Trisha Grace, I brought to you yesterday book one Moving On yesterday. This continues the story of the group that is made up of Tyler and Kate, (first book) and then this one focuses on Evelyn and Dan, but you still get Lydia (Kate’s sister), Ryan, Joseph, Marianne, and Mr. Sawyer who play a major part in the first and second books. I will say this one had a lot more dark aspects to it. It brings up subjects such as rape, murder, attempted murder, and kidnapping. Some of which happen to characters that you love. It also has some blackmail and splashes of the evil past that Evelyn went through as a child. It opens up your eyes to why her character is the way it is. You understand all things Evelyn by the time this book ends. You also start to see what kind of man Dan is, he is a true hero in this book. He doesn’t give up on her and that is just what Evelyn needs. It gives you glimpse of what can happen if you let go of your past. It’s much easier to live the way you do because of your past instead of letting go of that past and living the way you ought to. I hope Ryan get’s his story soon, after what he went though in this book he needs someone who understands him. I hope that you all take your time and read this really great series, that in my opinion just keeps getting better. Oh and there are a few surprises regarding Kate and Tyler that you wont want to miss if you have read the first one."

What I received from this read.....

One thing is for sure...the author knows how to get and keep your attention.  Yes, I read this author's book... Ghost of the Past Book 1 and I am so glad I did because it really helped me understand a little more of what was going on in this author's next book... "Closing  Books."  Now, first of all I will say this read is a very dark read that has some issues with rape, child abuse, human trafficking, torture, blackmail, attempted murder and kidnapping, so if this is not your kind of read maybe you had better stop now!  If not,  then welcome to this author's masterful well written captivating story.  The story may be a little hard to understand at the beginning especially if you haven't read the first book by this author but if you stick with the read it will finally let you figure who everyone is and how they fit in the story.    I was really caught up with this authors vivid descriptions of her characters.  The main characters Dan and Evelyn were very well developed,  colorful, authentic, well portrayed and definitely believable.   There were some other characters  such as Tyler and Kate  who were very interesting and I will stop here and not give any of the story away other than say you to pick up this good read and see for yourself how this author brings it all out about what all is  truly going  on with Evelyn and Dan in this this well plotted story.  Many questions will be answered such as why, what, how and even who as you read "Closing Books."  This author first book left us with a cliff hanger...and I will say I never expected how this read turned out.    



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