I Had To Do It By: Mrs. T. Nichole

Title:  I Had To Do It
Author:  Ms. T. Nicole
Publisher:  Ms.T.N.
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: 5

"I Had To Do It" by Ms. T. Nicole....

What was this novel about?

"Follow Bridget as she copes with the devastating discovery of her husband, high powered attorney Paul Moody betrayal- a family bond is torn, friendships advance, and fear is always lurking. Is Bridget strong enough to survive...will she survive?"

What I thought about this read....

This author did a wonderful job with this well written short quick read.  This heroine(Bridget) was really put in a very delicate situation that turned out simply horrible for her where she will be found in many twist and turns before the end of this story.  This is not a predictable story as you will see from the read.  This author really knows how to keep your attention because once you start reading "I Had To Do It" I couldn't put it down until I had finished reading it.  I don't want to spoil any of this story line other than say you must pick up the novel and read it for yourself.  Once you start reading you will see how, why, where and what of this novel.  Be ready for a read of a husband (ex)(Paul),  a family member(cousin) and a boyfriend(James) whatever can really put Bridget through some of  it all.  Be ready for a page turner with of a lots of  drama, romance, mystery, suspense and some real crazy people.' 

What I especially liked about this read...

The characters were all a interesting ,memorable bunch of people that were richly developed, well portrayed that seemed to come alive on the pages especially Bri's sorority sisters.  In the end we will be left with a cliff hanger where we will have to wait for this author's part two to see how this will end for Bridget.  This is definitely one novel that I would recommend.  Well done to the author!


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