A Queen's Checkmate By: Kierra Petty

Title:  A Queen's Checkmate
Author:  Kierra Petty
Publisher:  Sullivan Productions
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: 4.5

"A Queen's Checkmate" by Kierra Petty

Book Description...

"A Queen’s Checkmate is the story of Amira, a girl becoming a women, jaded by the disappointment of being failed by those around her.

After the simultaneous death of her twin brother and loss of her own innocence, she is trained to be a beast hungry for revenge. Yet, as she grows her thirst for her blood, but her burgeoning feelings of love and lust ultimately derail her mission.

Will she find the satisfaction she wanted in the for of payback, making the ultimately power move of checkmate or will she find another peace?"

What I liked about the novel...

This was definitely one of those reads that had so many twist and turns  and action packed that will hold your attention as  you are reading this well written story. What a story of such pain that Amira had to endure in this game of chess.  From the loss of her brother, close friends then joining 'La Famila' will she finally get the respect she deserves? Will this help her build up some confidence with killing abilities becoming more dangerous?   This author does a good job at letting the reader feel Amira's  pain in this urban fiction read.   All the characters for the most point are a intriguing group and I will say a few did had me shaking my head.  This author really gives the reader something to think about with the main character starting out very innocent but omg in the end Amira is one deadly....person to reckon with. I will stop here and say to find out what all the author has in store for Amira you will have to pick up the read to find  out.   In the end you will find out that you will have to go to the sequel to see what is next for Amira.


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