Once Upon A Christmas Kiss By: Manda Collins

Title:  Once Upon A Christmas Kiss
Author:  Manda Collins
Publisher:  St Martin's Press
Series:  Wicked Widows # 3.5
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: 4.5

"Once Upon A Christmas Kiss" by Manda Collins

Book Description....

"When Sir Lucien Blakemore arrives at his cousin’s estate for a week long Christmas party, he’s shocked to see Miss Winifred Nightingale among the other guests. Employed by his neighbor back in Yorkshire, the governess with the lovely eyes has always seemed off limits, but she’s visiting here as a guest—and there’s nothing like a little mistletoe to make the spirits bright…

Miss Winifred Nightingale never dreamed a holiday visit with her sister would lead to both ladies spending Christmas as the local lord’s guests. But the big surprise is when she finds the handsome Sir Lucien Blakemore staying there too. Their attraction between is undeniable, but will an old nemesis and a party guest bent on mischief make their first kiss under the mistletoe their last?"

What I liked about the novel...

I found this read a  quick sweet historical  romance novel with a good storyline  that was able to keep my attention not wanting to put down until the end.  I enjoyed how this author was able to keep it a mystery of who was bothering the heroine.  I was  definitely  a surprise who it turned out to be. 
The two main characters were very likable .... Lucien(he was quite a catch) and Winifred  had the romantic  chemistry between them.  However, would he be able to convince her to marry him and even help her with whoever it was that was messing with her?  Why was Winifred so reluctance to Lucien?  Well, to get this and more you will have to pick up this  good read "Once Upon A Christmas Kiss" and find out what all the mystery is all about. 

"Once Upon A Christmas Kiss" was a good quick romantic read that I would recommend to you as a good holiday read. 


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