Serenity Inn 2: Love Embraced (B&B Series Book 3), By: Nikki Walker

Title:  Serenity Inn 2:  Love Embraced ((B&B Series Book 3)
Author:  Nikki Walker
Publisher: N.W.
Series:  (B&B Series Book 3)
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean


"Serenity Inn 2:  Love Embraced" by Nikki  Walker

Book Description: 

"When Lindsay and Chad met at Serenity Inn, there was immediate chemistry, but the timing for love was all wrong in the face of what they had both just gone through. They decide to go their separate ways, but they keep in touch. Now the two have agreed to meet, this time on Dr. Chad’s luxurious home turf, with the feisty Cook along for the ride.

The couple find that they not only still have feelings for each other, but those feelings have grown as though they’d never spent time apart. Their elation is short-lived; however, as they realize that with their burgeoning love comes a new challenge: Chad’s sister-in-law, Eleanor, who makes it abundantly clear that Lindsay is beneath Chad’s station in life. Is Eleanor’s assessment valid or does she have an ulterior motive for tearing Lindsay down?

While Chad deals with Lindsay’s unstable feelings, Walter, who has stepped into Chad’s shoes back at Serenity Inn has had his eye on Elaine for a while. She’s distrustful and secretive, but he still feels drawn to her. She pulls on the protector in him. When she finally begins to open up to him, her past comes crashing into her present and lays bare right at Walter’s feet. Will Walter continue to pursue Elaine, even in the face of her ugly past, which could put them all in danger and disturb their serenity?"

What I liked about this novel....

I thought this author wrote a beautifully told contemporary story of a sweet romance that continues for Lindsay and Chad in this 'Second Chance' read. Lindsay and Cook have come to visit Chad in his home. Will Lindsay be surprise by all the wealth that this doctor has...along with that sister in law...will she enjoy this visit? There will also be lots of surprises of what comes from the trip. Now, along with what is going on with Lindsay and Chad what is going on back at Serenity Inn? Will Walter be able to keep Elaine safe? I really enjoyed how this author was able to bring these two stories together and the end...well this is where I say you must pick up "Serenity Inn 2" to see for yourself how well this author brings it out to the readers. I found all of the characters so richly well developed, likable(some), well portrayed and believable giving the reader a well written inspirational story that will give you food for thought long after the read. Would I recommend? YES!


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