Four Friends (Unabridged) By Robyn Carr

Title:  Four Friends
Author:  Robyn Carr
Publisher:  Harlequin MIRA
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating:  5

"Four Friends" by Robyn Carr...

Book Description....

"Gerri can't decide what's more devastating: learning her rock-solid marriage has big cracks, or the anger she feels as she tries to repair the damage. Always the anchor for friends and her three angst-ridden teenagers, it's time to look carefully at herself. The journey for Gerri and her family is more than revealing—it's transforming.

Andy doesn't have a great track record with men, and she's come to believe that for her a lasting love is out of reach. When she finds herself attracted to her down-to-earth, ordinary contractor—a man without any of the qualities that usually appeal to her—she questions everything she thought she wanted in life.

Sonja's lifelong pursuit of balance is shattered when her husband declares he's through with her New Age nonsense and walks out. There's no herbal tonic or cleansing ritual that can restore her serenity—or her sanity.

Miraculously, it's BJ, the reserved newcomer to Mill Valley, who steps into their circle and changes everything. The woman with dark secrets opens up to her neighbors, and together they get each other back on track, stronger as individuals and unfaltering as friends."

What I liked about this novel....

This was a beautiful, well absorbing amazing story of four women Gerri, Andy, Sonja and BJ who were all rather a complex bunch as it is discovered that it looks like the whole neighborhood was falling about.  You will find one of the  ladies are just too perfect( a control freak)...definitely one that made me laugh out loud, another one(new to the neighborhood) who has some dark secrets that  has her just wanting to keep to herself, another friend who was working  on her second divorce, however, was she the one that goes after and get  what she wants in the end?... and then last one seems to be the friend that had it all but did she really? What will happen after she finds out that her husband had had an affair some years ago?  So, her marriage isn't as solid as she thought.   This was one captivating read about a friendship and with a little of it all showing 'support, tough love, humor, sarcasm' and in the end  you get a wonderful well written story.  Didn't  these women  have the perfect lives?  What will happen after they discover that some of them didn't have the perfect life after all? Counseling? Now, I will not talk to much  about these ladies men other than say they were all some interesting men ...Phil, George, and Bob.  You will just have to read "Four Friends' for yourself to see what all is up with them!

This author really gives the reader a  story with of these four women's subplots that do combine so smoothly that will give the reader  a great description of each of these ladies struggles and realness of the friendships.  It's a beautiful read as you will see each of the ladies under go such a life changing experience from 'mental, physical, spiritual awakening where in the end will become even more stronger than they were in the beginning...with issues such as 'menopause, abuse, depression, infidelity,  divorce, unfaithful spouses, out of control children, abuse,  heartless exes, keeping  secrets to new friendships.  In the end will these women  get the importance of family, companionship and friendships. I will only say to get it all you must pick 'Four Friends' this author. 

This is definitely one of those reads that if you are reading or listening to it will keep your attention and you will find it hard to put down until the end.  It was quite a interesting read where you see these four strong women find their way from a dark time in their lives.  Would I recommend?  Yes!


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