Postive Deception By LaCricia Angelle

Title:  Positive Deception
Author:  LaCricia A'gelle
Publisher:  His Pen Publishing LLC
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: 5

"Positive Deception" by LaCricia A'gelle

Book Description...

"Maxwell Lee, a prominent businessman and minister, has aspirations of becoming a pastor. As a bachelor, Maxwell is viewed as a hot commodity to women both at church and at work. Although he has his pick of dozens of women, he sets his sights on the beautiful photographer Lina Fairweather. However, his childhood crush Maxine Miller, is not willing to give up her plans of becoming his one and only. When a life altering deception is exposed, will Maxwell trust the God that he openly shares with others? Or will he turn his back on everything he believes in? Lina Fairweather, an up and coming freelance photographer, is blazing trails since her move to Chicago. After recovering from a past relationship that left her broken and forever changed, she is finally content with her life. A chance encounter with Maxwell Lee reveals feelings and emotions she thought had been long buried. Will Maxwell s persistence be enough to penetrate her walls of defense? Or will she find herself nursing fresh wounds of betrayal?

What I liked from the novel...

This was a Christian read that will give you much food for thought long after the read.  The author does a good job a giving the reader  a very captivating story that will keep you turning the pages till the end.  The main characters Maxwell  and Lina are two very interesting characters with one having 'suffered a cruel heartbreak.'  Maxwell first sees Lina in church and wants to meet Lina and when they do meet there will be a attraction.  However, what was going on with Lina from her pass and what will happen when it all comes out to what the reason was for keeping Maxwell far away really turns out to be a quite a interesting read.  Will there be some spiritual and some unconditional forgiveness and love all twisted up in this  'Positive Deception?'  In the end will Lina be his one and only?

To find out who, how, what and where all of this will be presented by this author you will have to pick up the good read "Positive Deception" to see how it will be all brought out to the reader.  The only thing that will be missing or rather have you asking will there be a sequel?  Would I recommend?  YES! 


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