From Faith to Faith By: M. Lyn Walker

Title:  From Faith to Faith
Author:  M. Lyn Walker
Publisher:  WestBowPress
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: 5

"From Faith to Faith" by M. Lyn Walker

Book Description....

"Mack's Destiny"

"Macklin McGregor's carnality is legendary. His close childhood friend, Destiny Harding, is the single mother of two adorable children fathered by two equally dangerous men. Poor choices and bad decisions behind her, Destiny wants the real deal the third time around. She's celibate, and everybody in town knows it. Mack wants no part of Destiny's marriage plans but finds that he can't outrun, outthink, or outmaneuver God.

Reva's Journey

Reva Mitchell is a survivor. Street smart, yet scared, she is running for her life from a gang boss who wants her dead. Melvin Harris, a new believer, still struggles with pain from his past. He's open to the Holy Spirit's direction, and for the first time ever, finds himself desiring to protect. Love is still an emotion he knows so little about.

City drama collides with the tranquil beach community of Indigo Beach, Michigan, where Pastor Deon leads his small, rural congregation on a path of self-discovery and faith."

What I liked about this novel...

This was a interesting Christian read where you find that the characters will draw you into the storyline where in the end the reader will get a good enjoyable spiritual read that will be a page turner. I really liked who this author was able to give the reader was able to give us such a well written and interesting read of how she was able to tell us a story from each of these intriguing characters.  It will definitely lead one to want to 'faith check' yourself.     I did find the genres that were used by the author were quite interesting going from mystery, to romance and then suspense to give the reader a powerful message that would apply toward each ones life.  To get it all you will just have to pick up "From Faith to Faith" to see how this author will bring it all out to the reader and this is beautifully done.  This is definitely one of those inspirational reads that I would definitely recommend to you. 


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