After All Is Said and Done By: A.D.

Title:  After All Is Said and Done
Author:  A.D.
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: 5

"After All Is Said and Done" by A. D.

Book Description...

"Carol Rodgers never imagined her life the way it has matured over the past couple of months; estranged from her husband and parents, unwanted hospital visits, and having to return to work to support herself.

Jacob Rodgers knew Carol would not stand for his behavior, but he did it anyway. Now he is struggling to get his wife and kids back.

Michele loved Jacob from the moment she met him as a teenage girl. It doesn’t matter to her how much time has passed since she last saw him, or the big secret she kept from him; she’s determined to get him back and keep him this time.

Sheila vowed to never be tied down to one man, but Troy is destined to change that for her.

So many issues and emotions envelop these characters. What will be left of them after all is said and done?"

What I liked about the novel....

This was a captivating short read that had so much drama from the beginning to the very end that will definitely keep your attention.  This author presents the reader with a couple whose marriage had gone very bad. After Carol's third beating will Carol be able to get on with her life?  Having a best friend (Sheila) was there for Carol in her  time of need was so endearing to the read.  Jacob was wanting forgiveness but could he not see that some things are not to be fixed and then their was Michele (his twins mom) who seemed not to take no for an answer?  I found all of these characters were simply off the chart... well portrayed giving the reader a good concept of just what is going on with all the 'issues and emotions' that come up in this read.    In the end there will be some twist in this story....from wife beating, death, pregnancy loss, healing for Carol's parents,  Sheila's drama and then at the end....  You will just have to pick up this well written novel to see for yourself  and I think you will truly say heartily that this  title is very fitting for this novel ...."After All Is Said and Done" novel that I would definitely recommend to you.   


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