Desperate Measures By: Sandra Orchard

Book Description...

Researcher Kate Adams has finally pinpointed the medicinal plant responsible for tearing her family apart. She's certain that discovering its secrets is her only hope of solving the mystery surrounding the disappearance of her father. Kate will risk anything to find the truth--even her budding relationship with Detective Tom Parker. But more people than she can fathom are after the plants and going it alone just might prove to be a fatal mistake.

Title:  Desperate Measures
Author:  Sandra Orchard
Publisher:  Fleming H. Revell Company
Series:  Port Aster Secrets # 3
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: Five

"Desperate Measures" by Sandra Orchard

What I liked about this novel...

"Desperate Measures" by Sandra Orchard was this author's 'Port Aster Secrets #3' and ...I love this suspenseful mystery read that kept my interest from the beginning to the very end.  I will say to probably better understand some of what went on in this series it would be a good idea to read the first two novels [Deadly Devotion and on to Blind Trust].  But since I didn't I will say that the mystery of it all starts from the very beginning as your attention will be grabbed quickly as this 'series centers around a mysterious plant[miracle plant] that supposedly has miraculous properties.'  As the story goes on we find Kate's father was involved in this the plant situation and from here this author will bring to the reader a good mystery read that will unravel the rest of this series to the reader.

This was quite a interesting read about Detective Tom Parker and Kate Adams, who was a herbal research scientist.  I loved how this author was able to give the reader a mystery with a lots of conspiracy that was non stopped action in this trilogy. The author's writing will have you guessing you know the answer but later finding out you didn't have that clue with all of the twist and turns that will be presented to the reader. You will be wondering...[Who are the good guy and the bad ones?] The lead heroine Kate really knew her job which I found her research work was very fascinating to read about and then their was the detective Tom.  We find the detective is trying to solve this mystery too that surrounds Kate which will give us quite an interesting read.   I don't know but to me there seemed to be something missing from these two[Tom & Kate]..sometimes I thought these two were clueless...but in the end maybe they really deserved each other in all of there tense romantic moments where you will be left wondering will these two ever learn that they really care for each other?    

Be ready for a read of suspense, mystery, action and even some humor.  There will be some well developed, defined, well portrayed and believable characters that will keep the  details[secrets]that will be brought out to the reader with a very riveting conclusion for the reader.   Now, this is where I say I don't want to say any more other than you must pick up this read "Desperate Measures" to see how it will all come out.  I found it was one good read.

Needless to say once I started reading I was not able to put down with a plot that moves so very smoothly...with intriguing scenes and all of my questions were all answered in the end from this well written novel.

I received a copy through NOR  in exchange for an honest review.


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