Jordan's Confessions: A Short Story...Book 2 By: Charmaine Galloway

Book Description....

Jordan was a very outspoken teenager, until she lost a very close friend of hers. She began carrying a lot of grief and sorrow in her heart. All she wanted was someone to comfort her and tell her that life would get better after the loss of someone special.

Jordan thought she could trust, Darnell, her mother’s boyfriend, until he deceived her. See how he pulls Jordan into his web of deceit, leaving her hurt, broken and confused. Can she build the courage to confess to her mother the secret that she had been holding onto? Will anyone believe her?

Title:  Jordan's Confessions:  A Short Story....Book 2
Author:  Charmaine Galloway
Publisher:  Charming Gal Publications
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: Five

"Jordan's Confessions:  A Short Story"...Book 2 by Charmaine Galloway

What I enjoyed from this novel.....

This was a good short story that this author gives the reader ...of a young girl that has been hurt more than one way...a friend's death[Heaven] and from then from her mother's boyfriend [Darnell].  I really enjoyed how this author was able to give the reader a complete story of how this teen, Jordan was put into certain situations and yes the question is will she be able to make it through the trials that had been set before her.  I really liked how this author brings out the situations to issues that this young teen had to faced as well as so many others... showing that there is someone out there to help and listen to  you even when it looks so very dark. Why did Jordan feel like she couldn't tell her secret to her Mom?   I don't want to tell the story other than say you will have to pick up this novel to see for yourself how well it is written.  You will not be disappointed with this good read of a teenager in trouble and needing help. Thank you to the author for another good 'Book 2' read.


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