Sex Becomes Her By Regina Cole

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"Eliza Jackson has always been a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl, so it’s no surprise that when she’s asked to attend her friend’s black-tie destination wedding, she’s in a panic. Ever since her last relationship blew up in a frenzy of rumors about her sexual preferences, Eliza has been quite satisfied to be a celibate hermit. But as she’s forced from her self-imposed solitude, she decides to make the most of it. For this next week, Eliza can let her inhibitions go without fear of recrimination. And when she comes home? Nobody has to know that she played pretend. A perfect solution, or so she thinks.

Chandler Morse would never have considered flying all the way to Hawaii for a wedding if anyone but his cousin had asked. But he owed the bastard for saving his life, so he packed his bags and off he went, leaving his frigid ex-wife to pick over the remains of his life. When he laid eyes on the laughing brunette whose pieces didn’t quite fit together, he found himself drawn to her. He tried to tell himself it was his background as a private investigator that drew him to the puzzle, but in reality, their chemistry was too intense to ignore.

Eliza is thrilled to have found someone that can keep up with her adventurous appetites. She and Chandler are much more compatible in bed than she’d ever dreamed, but she still doesn’t dare tell him about her darkest sexual fantasies. And despite her best intentions, Eliza finds herself falling for him. But going back home doesn’t solve the problem, because Chandler is determined to pursue a relationship with her, and she can’t bring herself to say no. And when he learns the truth about her forbidden desires, she fears he’ll run just like everyone else does, and shatter her heart beyond repair. But more than her heart is on the line when Chandler discovers her past. Eliza will have to choose between the person she is, and the one she always wanted to be."

Title:  Sex Becomes Her
Author:  Regina Cole
Publishser:  Kensington
Series:  Sexy # 1
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: Four

"Sex Becomes Her" by Regina Cole....

I found this novel had a very intriguing erotic the reader a little bit of it all from  Eliza finding true love, forgetting about what had happened in the past with that horrible  relationship, and in the end finding someone ...doing what she  wanted  do when it came to exploring her identity of sex.

Eliza was living in a small mid western town,  a chemist when rumors are spreaded about her reputation from her ex boyfriend..Tyler[broadcasting her fantasies and secrets desires] and definitely a prick. Then Eliza meets Chandler who was a divorced ..meeting  by bumping into each other at the airport and then finding themselves at the same wedding in Hawaii.  From here this story really picks up  when these two meet and explore the fun with their chemistry being off the chart.  But why will Eliza keep feeling like she was 'damaged' when all she wants is happiness. I liked how this author tells this story from both Eliza's and Chandler's POV.  Be ready for plenty of drama as well as twist and turns, and even some other issues to be maybe  divulged that will keep you turning the pages in this read. Will these two people go their separate ways or will they get their HEA? And what was this secret Eliza was holding on to through most of the story?   I did also enjoy that Chandler was ....well I don't want to spoil it for you must pick up this well written story to find out.
The author really gives the reader some interesting characters, however, there were some some secondary characters that I wasn't to sure about seeming a little off a little Gregory, Sabrina and Stacey but you will just have to pick up this read to see for yourself what you may think of them..  In the end this author will give you one a story that will be the an example of a women's sexual liberation in an adult relationship that will be a held up due to 'respect, understanding and open communication' giving Eliza the self confidence to believe she had value.   I did notice that this author left the reader wondering just what would 'Sex # 2 be about?  In that this wasn't a cliffhanger I guess I will be left to wonder!

I received a copy through NOR  in exchange for an honest review.


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