Perfection [Sister-in-Love Book 1] By: J. L. Campbell

Book Description.....

"After six months of serial breakups with her two-timing boyfriend, Natasha is ready to give relationships a break. Malik has no plans to give up and schemes to get her back, but his efforts throw his cousin in the middle of his campaign. Natasha doesn't need another guy messing with her brain, or her plans for the future, but Karim is different from anyone she's ever met. The fact that he's off-limits deepens her guilt over her attraction and puts her judgment into question. Can she move beyond the mistakes of the past and trust someone who's no angel?

Karim is back in Jamaica for the summer and has no plans to tie himself to anyone, because girls are complicated and he's been burned a time or two. He's knee-deep in responsibility as a result of a thoughtless act that changed his life. But Natasha is a girl with a difference, who makes him want things he has sworn to give up. Will she give him the time of day and will she want him when she finds out about his past and the present he wants to keep hidden, but can't?"

Title: Perfection [Sisters -in- Love Book 1]
Author: J. L. Campbell
Publisher: Book Enthusiast Promotions
Series: Sisters - in - Love Book 1
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Rating: 5

"Perfection Sisters -in-Love Book 1" by J. L. Campbell

What I liked about this novel.....

"Perfection" was a very interesting New Adult read about Tasha and Karim. This was definitely not perfect in that all was good but rather a lots of things in both of these characters life would have to be faced hard on. Now how will this story come out when Tasha finds the one she loves may not fit in that certain picture of 'perfection' that she seemed to hold so high. What will she do? The author gives the reader a good read with her style of writing, with well developed,defined, well portrayed and believable characters along with cultural references [in the Caribbean] in such a intriguing storyline that will keep your attention. I loved how this author was able to bring the reader a wonderful love story, with friendship and the family scenarios. I hope in the future series of {Sisters-in-Love} we find out even more about these two main characters Natasha and Karim. I will say that after reading book one I look forward to book 2 which will be about Kelleigh and Joshua.

Great job to the author!

I received a copy through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.


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