Fear 3: Falling In Love With An Alpha Billionaire By: Amarie Avant

Book Description....

"What once was yours is now mine...
Those very words are death to the ears of Victor D'Ross, Duke of Arlington.
A royal.
A billionaire.
A man skilled in the art of murder.
He is accustom to getting exactly what we wants. The mastermind desired Luxury Whitson while preparing to carry out a hit on her father. Instead of an assassination, his side hobby, Victor fell for the young woman with a kind heart.
Victor has enemies and through revenge Luxury has been taken. Now, she's the "property" of another.
Murder, mystery, and intrigue will up the stakes. Only time can tell if Victor will save Luxury before her abductor slowly stakes claim to her mind, body, soul..."

Title: Fear 3:  Falling in Love With An Alpha Billionaire
Author:  Amaire Avant
Publisher: Shan Presents
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: Five

" Fear 3:  Falling In Love With An Alpha Billionaire    By:  Amaire Avant

What I liked about this novel....

This was a great ending to this trilogy!

This author was able to give up a complete story of Luxury and Victor.  It was a good read to see how
these two were to make it through it all with all of its twist and turns.

"Fear 3" was indeed a good ending, with no more cliffhangers!   I would highly recommend that the readers read all three series to truly understand the whole story.  Be ready for a little bit of it all...'love, violence strength to even maturity' as the reader will see how each characters will progress in their development of the storyline....as it was brought out with Victor's characterization and Luxury's growth and strength.  Indeed this was a amazing good ending to a great series that I would recommend!


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