Reservations For Two By: Hillary Manton Lodge

Book Description....

"A culinary concoction of taking chances and finding love in the most delectable places

Food writer-turned-restaurateur Juliette D’Alisa has more than enough on her plate. While her trip to Provence might have unlocked new answers to her grandmother’s past, it’s also provided new complications in the form of Neil McLaren, the man she can’t give up.

Juliette and Neil find romance simple as they travel through Provence and Tuscany together, but life back home presents a different set of challenges. Juliette has a restaurant to open, a mother combating serious illness, and a family legacy of secrets to untangle – how does Neil, living so far away in Memphis, fit into to her life?

As she confronts an uncertain future, Juliette can’t help but wish that life could be as straightforward as her chocolate chip cookie recipe. Can her French grandmother’s letters from the 1940’s provide wisdom to guide her present? Or will every new insight create a fresh batch of mysteries?"

Title:  Reservations for Two [Two Blue Doors #2]
Author:  Hillary Manton Lodge
Publisher:  WaterBrook Press
Series: Two Blue Doors Series
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: Four

"Reservations for Two" by Hillary Manton Lodge

What I liked from this novel...

This story was about Julietta and Nico with  them opening up a a new place...Two Blue Doors restaurant.  There will be some problems with trying to find suppliers for the restaurant.  Now, why was that?  Along with this there seems to be some mysteries that will come up front and center as Juliette's  mother will be diagnosed with ovarian cancer and is not doing well with her treatments and then there is a long distance romance.  I felt the story started up a little slow but it does pick up and the reader will be presented a good read by this author that is told is first person narrative by Juliette. I wish I had read the first novel...'Table by the Window' first because I did have a little problem understanding some of the story and some of its characters.  However,  as I continued to read on  I did find this read somewhat captivating that did keep my attention till the end.  This was quite a interesting read where one could see this family pulling together, the inclusion of  history of written old letters between Juliette's grandmother, Mirielle and her sister that dealt with love from WWII France. Be ready because the reader will also get some surprises, happiness, sadness, drama, humanity, hope, illness, family relationship issues,long distance love,  traveling, suspense, mystery of family secrets, some new romance and even some heartbreak of a break up romance.  Then what puts the icing on the cake of this novel  .... the reader gets some very good recipes that you will be left wishing you could be there...tasting it all. I liked how this author was able to weave these unique recipes[especially those chocolate chip cookies] into the plot of this story...very well done. If you are interesting in recipes, food and cooking ... you will love this novel.  Also I enjoyed the quotes that began each chapter that dealt with food or cooking. If you are interesting in Now, in saying all of that I will say it would be best to read the first series, then this one and then the reader will be more than ready for the conclusion of the 'Two Blue Doors'series..'A Table By The Window' to get the rest of this intriguing story by this author.

I received a copy through NOR  in exchange for an honest review.


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