Catch Me If You Can, Anita Davis

Book Description.....

"Karen Roberts loves to run, but running will only get her so far. She just wants to be the best sportscaster she can be and fall in love with a man like her father. Is that too much for a girl to ask for? But when love chases her, she’ll have to decide between a love that is safe or one that’s risky.
Karen, along with her friends, will have to learn that in life we don’t always get what we want, how we want it, and as soon as we want it. There are stops signs, winding roads, and sometimes dead ends; so how will the intersection look when all of the characters past and present worlds collide with one another in “Catch Me If You Can”?"

Title:  Catch Me If You Can
By: Anita Davis
Publisher:  Smashwords Edition
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: Five

"Catch Me If You Can"  by Anita Davis

What I liked about this novel....

Wow,wow, wow ... this was some story that will deal with with four main characters...Karen, Kyle, Melody and Andrew.  You will have to keep up with this read because there is so much going on[secrets]!   The story starts out with girl [Karen]  bumping into a guy [Kyle] on a run and from there a friendship/relationship will start but will this last due to Kyle's past that has caught up with him.Then there is Dennis!  Now, how does he play in all of this?   As the story continues we  will have two best friends of Karen and Kyle who will become lovers [Melody and Andrew]. But for them wow...what comes out will truly have you saying wow...for me I definitely didn't see that one coming for these two. Now, what did Melody's mom have to do with that situation?    I know this review sound somewhat strange but I don't want to give too away to much other than saying  you must pick this one  novel "Catch Me If You Can" to see for your how well this author will give you a read that will  keep you on pins and needles as you are reading through this well written story.  I did have a problem with one of the main characters Karen...she really got on my last nerves quite a bit because of what had happened to her in the past, and now being with .....  but at the end she does redeem herself somewhat for me to understand her thought process. For the most part I found the characters very interesting, well developed, well portrayed and believable [well some] that will help deliver to the reader quite a unique romantic read.   In the end will any of these main characters be left standing in this romance that goes alone so well with this title:  "Catch Me If You Can?

This novel was very well written and I would recommend it as a good read.


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