No Perfect Affair By: Charmaine Galloway

Book Description....

Melody, Asia, and Sasha are three successful women with the careers they’ve always wanted. They excel in life and they excel in their chosen professions, but in their relationships, they fail miserably! One can’t keep her marriage, one can’t keep her man, and one almost can’t keep her life. Come take a roller-coaster ride with these women and experience their drama, their deceit, and a little bit of their naughtiness as they each try to handle lust, lies and deception of the most wicked kind. 

Title:  No Perfect Affair
Author:  Charmaine Galloway
Publisher:  Racquel Williams Presents
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating:  Five

"No Perfect Affair" by Charmaine Galloway

What I was able to  absorbed from this this novel....

This was a read of three women [Sasha, Asia and Melody]who were cousins who had gone through many different situations that proved not to be the smartest moves that caused much distress in all of their daily life's. Now, don't get me wrong...all of these ladies were successful in there was there personal relationships that each one seemed to have problems with. A lot of there problems started during their childhood...whether it was from a parent who hadn't been around, a mom with mental problems to substance abuse these three women had a life with some real emotional issues...where they ended up making some really bad decisions that seem to come back on them in one way or another,  What I found most interesting in this read I really felt that each one of these cousins were  just seeking for  love and happiness.  From the read one can see all the drama as one cousin....will have husband problems, another.. wanting a man that really didn't want her and lastly one who finally got the diamond ring which leads her to the alter to be married but will this be the lasting one for her?  In the end...will their past affect their future?  What had happened where two of the cousins couldn't get along with each other?   Will these cousins finally see the error of their ways before it is too late?  I believe some therapy is needed here and lots of prayers!   I  am sure in this author's part 2 the reader will see what will happen next in these women's life's.  I will be hoping that each cousin will take a  new direction as we see that each one definitely needs a new direction in there relationships and family life.

I will say my heart was heavy after reading this novel ....I must keep in mind this is urban fiction!   Well done to the author!

Now these are my notes that I took from the it will contain spoilers... so be aware of that....if you would like to continue....
Three Cousins... who loved clubbing at Club Headliners......all seemed to have some sad men that they were involved with.......and therefore didn't this make them said too?  Drama...Drama...Drama!

Sasha:....married... for her...she had a hubby[Johnathan] that wanted a baby...and that wasn't going to happen! She was taking birth control...  Had a miserable marriage...since her miscarriage...loved playing the slot machines at the going to clubs...drinking hard liquor...had nice butt...writer... assembly operator, pregnant...married in Las Vegas....had a miscarriage after 4 months...met David at club....loved dancing...and left the club with him....
she wanted to live on the edge...on the hood of David's car at the park...her mind was blown...
wish she could be free with her husband...she wanted no kids...she was taking birth control!...NOW WHY WAS THAT?
Listening to her cousins have home Jonathan had prepared a candle light dinner...being pampered by hubby....needing something that would excite her....then the blow up between the two...Sasha and Johnathan and he lives home ....bad dreams...more writing....went to the club with cousins...called David...he had no kids...met at and left club...left back at park...with blanket...started again...and then sex....then Johnathan comes...and a fight starts.hits David punches divorcing...kicked her out.  David had come to her rescue.  now in luxury and feeling alone without Johnathan.  didn't want Johnathan back...get a call from Melody about Asia being in the hospital.  She calls Johnathan and gets him over to her apt. and tells him about Asia.  She asked him about why he told her mother about there break up...He wanted to know why she and her mother didn't get along.  She told him about his mother having fits...she put her in a dark closets...they would take her from her.
No one knew what was going on...she now shared this with Johnathan.  Every years she [her mom] got worse.  letting him know she wanted any children and she was on birth control.  Johnathan turned on her and he left.,,,visited Asia while in hospital..she was now with Lamel who was 8 months younger than her   with a open relationship and finishing up her novel. Still not ready to talk to her mom..Now at Asia's wedding and goes to get her shoes she had forgotten in her car and there is where Sasha sees Asia's to be husband[Steve] kissing a fine looking guy. But Sasha said nothing only strode down the aisle ...where the soon to be wedded 'Dysfunctional Couple.'[Asia and Steve]                        

next we have .....
Asia. a dresser...had low self esteem ... three children by three different daddies, with  a gremlin...popping out her a black man...wanted a big brought it...mean to her children...but loved Angel...because she looked like her....Steve was her daddy...but know she was seeing Lance...[good sex]....overweight in her mid section...knew David from school...couldn't really stand learning that Johnathan ...Sasha's  husband was her first crush....Sasha had broken the unspoken rule...Steve getting out of jail...Lance was truck driver...and quite a good looking man...had 3 kids by three different lying to Lance about Steve...picked up Steve at the Madison Correction Facility....Steve makes promises...of being a good her life...Steve had something to tell Asia....he wanted to marry her....she said YES, and she had to brake it off with Lance...and he didn't take it well at all...trying to kill her with his car....Now how would she get out of this situation. HE LEFT A HATEFUL MESSAGE OF WHAT HE WOULD DO TO HER IT SHE TOLD ANYONE!    Steve was by her side through all of this...almost 2 months ago from Lance's trying to kill her in her car... one lung collapsed and her ribs were cracked...also a broken ankle in two different spots...visits from her son...Joey...letting him know that she didn't try to kill herself.  also Angel and Alexa visited with her...Was she know sorry that she had made her kids feel the way that they  did about her? Steve had told her about this.  She now wanted to show her kids that she did love them.  Now, she is getting phones calls from Lance[see above].Now the wedding...  Now it was the day of her wedding with Steve... at the wedding of  Asia where she looked she had lost 30 pounds...her face filled with bags and stress lines definitely something was going on with her. However, it seems like there will be a wedding...  
Why did Asia feel that Sasha had taken Johnathan away from her?
What was it that Asia should have told Sasha that she kept from her?

and lastly
Melody...finding out she only had a sex partner...Rodney...and not to be called his women!  He needed to work on himself...ha ha!  Was there someone else?  They were just friends!  Will she be able to get Rodney back?,,,,trying to save herself for the one she would marry...kept thinking of Rodney....tall man with big feet...Did she have issues...YES!  was Rodney back in her life?   ...went to protection...will this happen? ...ok...later will he call?  Were they back in love again? This is so like a sea saw.... Rodney was telling her that he love her...Rodney had some woman and child  living with him?  Whose car was in his driveway?  Was she being hurt again by Rodney?....being played again...acting like a teenager...definitely had issues...Melody owned a photo studio.....Rayn was her Melody's daughter...sees Dominic [old flame] at the mall.meeting at the club....however, she still loved Rodney...but now with Dominic...learning later he lived with his mom and had no job.  Now Tayvon was calling[another old flame] she was hopping in bed with all these different men and all she wanted was Rodney[really]...she wanted Rodney to love her...would that even happen?  [wake up girlfriend]  Rodney comes for a visit and they have sex...the hospital calls about Asia[due to the fact of Lance trying to kill her]...I loved the fact that Melody loved talking and spending time with her daughter...Rayn... then she visit..Rodney home...found a lady smacking on some gum ...a Kim...she had taken a photo of this women earlier with her baby[Stink-Stinkl] a 3 month old daughter that was supposed to be Rodney's!!!. BUSTED!  Rodney tried to explain this situation...Melody used stun gun that he had brought her for protection....she also visited Asia....calls her Mom...she wanted to talk to her mom...telling her mom what she want ...being 35  with one child wanting to get married and to know what happiness feels like...taking romantic trips and long vacations with her man.  Her mom telling her he must wait on the Lord to send you the right mate. [Her mom gives her some good advice]  Now, Melody is thinking she has to tell Rodney[ARE YOU KIDDING ME????]...and he was going to love only her.WHAT!?  Lunch with Sasha...telling her she should talk with her mother and also talking to her about her Father which had affected her in her life...Sasha was feeling Melody's pain.  Also Asia and Sasha should make up. Ha Ha Not going to happen...Melody Goes taking daughter and visit with her Mom at the resort ...Now at Asia's wedding where Melody is the photographer and OMG what happens when Sasha goes to get her shoes from the car that she will hold  over Asia?

As this story continues... in part will be a read that I am sure this author will bring it all out to us!


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