The Secret of Mermaid Cove By: Megan Derr

Book Description....

"After she is caught behaving obscenely with another woman, Sophia is left abandoned. Her friends pretend not to know her, her family is trying to decide the best place to banish her, and Sophia wishes that running away was as easy in fact as it was in theory.
She is saved from scandal, if not her suffocating life, by way of an unexpected marriage proposal from Lord Everett Dobson, the most coveted bachelor in the city. Not in a position to refuse, Sophia accepts his offer and agrees to visit his home at Mermaid Cove for three weeks.
Mermaid Cove proves to be as beautiful as promised, complete with endless beaches, glittering waters, a castle that looks like it was made of sand... family curses and local legends... and two beautiful, mysterious women who cannot talk, but seem to have secrets they want to share..."

Title:  The Secret of Mermaid Cove
Author:  Megan Derr
Publisher:  Less Than Three Press
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: Four

"The Secret of Mermaid Cove" by Megan

My Thoughts....

This was a cute short story fantasy read about the mermaids of 'Mermaid Cove'  which proved to be quite a emotional journey for Sophia.  Who knew that Sophia would be in such a beautiful place of pure joy. What secrets would be presented  with these 'wealthy elites' and just why had Sophia's fiance, Lord Everett invited her to this place.  Indeed there will be a lots of  " curses and local legends...and two beautiful mysterious women...who could not talk [I loved that thought of how this island used the mermaids' sign language] but were there secrets to be shared?"  Would Sophia be made a mermaid a sacrifice? What would she do as a mermaid?   To get these questions answered and much more, you will have to pick up this good read to find out what all is going on.  I loved the characters...Sophia, Everett, Aunt Milli, Joanna and Muriel...for these really carried this story to a beautiful  magical romantic ending.

I received a copy through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.


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