In Her Presence: A Husband's Dirty Secrets By: Nancy Weaver

Book Description...

Dedicated to mothers, daughters and sons whose lives have been shattered by the man you most loved and trusted. Like the Potter with the clay, your life can be made whole again.

"The true story: The surreal, gripping saga of a young, desperate, rich African American mother and her children, and her courageous teenage daughter in the south in the 1950s is inspired by real life events.

Maebelle Hawkins, a young, pretty divorcee, moves to Derriene Crossing with her heart set on finding the perfect husband. When Rufus Poygoode, a well-to-do-, good-looking farmer enraptures her heart with a proposal of marriage, she feels her life has come full circle.

But it is a marriage awash in deception. A few weeks after their union, her fantasy word crashes and burns. She shivers when Rufus Poygoode places the cold black metal gun against her nose and calls her Olga Berry, the name of his surrogate mother, for whom he carries a vendetta. No amount of defense convinces him she is not the estranged daughter of his surrogate mother. Crushed by cruel and unusual hatred, Maebelle Hawkins resigns herself to a mere state of simply existing. Then their daughter Tara Poygoode grows up.

Tara Poygoode is pleased that she has her mother and father's good looks. But she hates him for the humiliation, cruelty, and power he wields over her large family. When she learns her father won't allow her to attend college, that he is intent on tying her life to the land forever, she vows to take control over her destiny, and rescue her family."

Title: In Her Presence: A Husband's Dirty Secrets
Author: Nancy Weaver
Publisher: Time and Chance Publishing
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Rating: Five

"In Her Presence: A Husband's Dirty Secrets" by Nancy Weaver

Now....this was is supposed to be a true story...based on someone that this author knew...leaving me to say oh my God...really?! As I read through this novel I could only shake my head not even imagining knowing that this did really happen?! This was a very disturbing read for me but I made it through still left with many thoughts left after this story that this author has presented to the reader being so full of 'lies, deceit, betrayal, family secrets and incest.' I will say this read tops all of the reads that I have done over the years and to think that this really did happened. I know I am still trying to deal with that one! This is one heartbreaking novel of several generations of abuse.

What I found hard to believe was that a mother would permit this to happen to her own children and where was everyone ....when it was out that all knew what was going on in the dysfunctional abusive family that had gone on for many generations?! Why didn't someone help? I will say this author really keeps your attention because there will be so much going on where you will feel the intensed emotional pain through this read.

The two main characters...Maebelle Hawkins and Rufus Poygoode...well, I think they were made for each other in some sort of sick way...[but those poor kid did not have too endure this abuse] and that will be all I have to say about that. You will just have to pick up this novel to get this story for yourself. It will definitely not be a easy least it wasn't for me.

Will this family be able to come out of all this hardships? ...Well, again you will have to pick up the novel to see what happens next to Maebelle, Rufus and the children? It will be one interesting ending that the readers will not want to miss. Since this author is planning on a part two of this story I guess we will just have to wait and see what happens next.

Thank you to the author for sending me your novel. Indeed, I will say was a emotional read that left me in awe of it all and I will be waiting on the next part of this read.


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