Loving a Colombian Cartel Thug By: K'Aliyah Knight

Book Description....

This Book was formerly titled ***Tricks with Motives****
Loving a Colombiano means: hard love, crazy sex, emotions to the max...
As teens, Rocky always wondered why her love wasn't enough to keep Lorenzo from traveling back and forth to his homeland; especially when his mom said their entire family died in a storm... Then, the love that seemed untouchable fell off. Fast-forward five years, Rocky is no longer Princess of the hood, with Renz as her nigga and bodyguard. Her heart barely beats. She only has one reason to survive... When their paths collide, Lorenzo fronts like he could put two slugs to her dome, no hesitation. Yet the sex is even more addicting. No matter how Lorenzo treats her, Rocky plays a deadly game, sneaking around behind her grimy Italian husband...
Lorenzo is to inherit one of the most infamous cartels in the world. He’s flooding the streets and annihilating the Italians. Renz is even chopping down snakes in his own team, to keep his familia and Rocky safe.
One of Lorenzo's five younger sisters, Blu ends up a junky. Blu is cracked out, one finger on the trigger and the Glock pointed to her own head. Lorenzo will put her down before letting his familia go out like that.
How will Rocky react to finding out Renz is a Colombian cartel thug? By now, is their off-and-on romance unshakable? Will Rocky and his familia still love him after the secrets and lies...


Title: Loving a Colombian Cartel Thug
Author: K'Aliyah Knight
Publisher Shan Presents
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Rating: 5

"Loving a Colombian Cartel Thug" by K"Aliyah Knight

What I liked about this novel...

What a storyline... having read 'Tricks with Motives' I was familiar with this read of Rocky and Renzo and I found this revision of the novel very well done. The reader will find this novel with characters popping up all over the place that you will have to kept up or you may get lost. Who will be backstabbing who next because you will find every chapter is action packed...moves very fast? This read will definitely be one will you will not want to put it down till the end being full of drama and definitely the reader will find the read to be an attention grabber. In the end it will not just be about the Colombian's but it seems like the Jamaicans are entering into the story too. Now, I will be waiting for the next part II in 'Niggas with Motive... Loving a Colombian Cartel Thug II because I am sure this author has more to give us of this captivating story about Rocky and Renzo. Will they make it out of all of this alive?

Thank you to the author for a gift of reading your novel and giving my honest opinion of the read.  


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