Greek and Fiona: A Love Story By Pebbles Star and Chase Moore

Book Description....

"Fiona is a 21-year old good girl from the suburbs, who's always lived her life accordingly. However, everything changes the night she meets an immediate member of the Konkwo Mafia Family. Handsome, powerful, rich, and charming, Greek is everything she's ever wanted...There's only one problem though. She already has a man in her life—one that is willing to do whatever it takes to keep her where he wants her.

Tyler has been putting up with her boyfriend Gunner's shtick for the last five years. Fighting off the birds he's constantly cheating with and taking the rap for a drug charge are just a couple of the things she's endured along the way. Tyler soon finds herself questioning her own morals and relationship after an attractive new prospect comes in her life. But with a crazy, erratic African boyfriend, falling for someone else might not be the safest or smartest decision. Will Tyler get the storybook ending she envisioned, or will her toxic relationship ultimately be her demise?"

Title:  Greek and Fiona:  A Love Story
Author:  Pebbles Star and Chase Moore
Publication:  Jade Publications
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating:  Five 

"Greek and Fiona" by Pebbles Star and Chase Moore

My Thoughts...

This was one read that the reader will find so much going on that you will not want to put down till the very end because you will not want to miss any of what happens in this story.  The characters will give the reader quite a read full of  'action, scandal, lying and oh yes steamy sex.' We have Fiona, Tyler, Gunner, Chance, Skylar, Cruz to a few others not named were  some interesting people that will keep your interest turning the pages. By the end of this story who will be left standing and alive... especially when it comes to Greek and Fiona?  The readers will have to get this author's part two to get the rest of this story.


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