What You Took From Me: Loving An Opportunist By: Dale Ridley

Book Description...

"Shaun Perry thinks he is a ladies man. And the way women respond, shows him that he is right.
Just released from prison, he's trying to explore all the things he missed. But when he finds himself
In a nightmare of events from those same choices, he wonders what went wrong. Especially when he finds himself the suspect in a murder investigation. Now he must find the person behind it while dealing with a woman that seemed to become obsessed. And to make matters worse, she holds the power to send him back inside. He will not go back to prison. Especially for the rest of his life. He would rather embrace the soft dirt of a grave first."

Title:  What You Too From Me:  Loving An Opportunist
Author:  Dale Ridley
Publisher:  True Glory Publications
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: Five

"What You Took From Me:  Loving An Opportunist" by Dale Ridley

My Thoughts.....

Interesting read that will definitely leave you wanting the next series to see what will all
come of this story with Shaun as he seems to be maneuvered by his patrol officer, Maria.  


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