Slave [Novella] By: Brian W.Smith

Book Description....

"Cleo Strong is an award winning best selling Erotica Author. He meets with a book club to discuss his latest best seller, and they refuse to let him leave...until he "performs" as good as the characters in his novels."

Title:  Slave [A Novella]
Author:  Brian W. Smith
Publisher: B.W. S.
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: Five

"Slave [Novella]"  By:  Brian W. Smith

My Thoughts....

Well, I guess going to a 'Book Club Meeting' will never be the same as it was for author
Cleo Strong.  How this set up was made by his publishing agent who was supposed to be working
for him in getting the best deals, however, I guess there are some people you can not trust. In the
end well, I will stop here and let you read it for yourself to see how Vivian was rewarded. I did
enjoy this short story that was definitely brought to a satisfying end.


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