When Somebody Loves You (The Southern Belle Book Club# 1) By: Shirley Jump

Book Description....

"First in a new series from the New York Times bestselling author of the hugely popular Sweetheart Sisters novels!

At heart, Elizabeth Palmer is a practical Jersey girl. And her life reflects that—until everything suddenly falls apart.  In a bid to change her luck, the intrepid reporter accepts a job to write a story on a reclusive quarter horse breeder in Chatham Ridge, Georgia. To her surprise, she finds herself settling into the warm, inviting town—even joining the Southern Belle Book Club—and craving the company of the rancher she’s there to interview….

Hunter McCoy has good reason to keep his distance from the determined reporter. Tragedy has taught him to stick to things that don’t require his heart. But he can’t seem to resist the vulnerability he detects beneath Elizabeth’s tough demeanor.

But when Hunter is faced with the possibility of a terrible loss and shuts Elizabeth out, she will have to prove to Hunter that having somebody love you can heal all wounds…"

Title:  When Somebody Loves You
Author:  Shirley Jump
Publisher: Berkley
Series:  The Southern Belle Book Club # 1
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Rating: Five

"When Somebody Loves You" by Shirley Jump

My Thoughts....

This was a first of  'The South Belle Bookclub series' for this author that was a well written story of
'dreams and broken hearts'  for the two main characters...Elizabeth and Hunter.  How these two came
together with Elizabeth's now being new magazine writer job [wanting to follow her dreams]now hired as a freelance writer doing a story about Hunter's ranch. Both Elizabeth and Hunter have quite a past...with Elizabeth leaving Jersey, her job, a  wired mother and a fiance who dumped her to her new job in Chatham Ridge. Now, meeting up with Hunter who is trying to run his Quarter Horse ranch with no thanks from his father with his gambling habit, also dealing with the grief and guilt of the death of his fiance. Now, we have Elizabeth on her new job trying to work with Hunter to get her story.  How will this Elizabeth effect Hunter quite lifestyle?   Will Hunter be able to come out of the rut he has been in due to all that has gone on  in his life for some time?  There will be some interesting secondary characters that will come into play in this book club that will really give the reader some humor.  To get how this story will all come out you will have to pick up "When Somebody Loves You" to see for yourself how well it is presented by this author to her readers.  Be ready to some well developed characters in this small town, a beautiful plot and a sexy romance.

I received a copy through NOR  in exchange for an honest review.


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