Uncovered Colours of Love Book 2 By: Kathryn Taylor

Book Description...

"She's fallen for him - hook, line, and sinker. Grace knows exactly how dangerous her feelings for Jonathan Huntington are, but her love for him nevertheless grows stronger each day she spends near him. Is he really as indifferent as he seems? Does Jonathan only see her as a willing plaything? When Grace tries to force him into showing his true colors, it leads to disaster ...

Kathryn Taylor has been a writer since childhood - publishing her first story when she was eleven years old. From then on, she knew that she wanted to be a professional author one day. After a few career detours and a happy ending in her personal life, her dream has finally come true: UNBOUND - COLOURS OF LOVE is her first novel."

Title:  Uncovered  Colours of Love
Author:  Kathryn Taylor
Publisher:  Bastei Entertainment
Series:  Colours of Love # 2
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating:  Four 

"Uncovered  Colours of Love" by  Kathryn Taylor

My Thoughts...

After reading the the first book of the 'Colours of Love Series' I knew I had to read the rest of this story since it ended with a cliffhanger to see what would become of this sexy situation that Grace  she has with Jonathan.  To my surprise the novel was starting to make a little more sense to me how this author was presenting the  story all to the reader.  At times I began thinking that Grace was getting a little more sense and asserting herself in with just who Jonathan really is.  Grace will get a surprise when Jonathan 'literally fights for her.'  Now, what was that all about?  The other characters from Sarah, Alex to a few others that will come into play being so well developed really adds to this well written story.  To see how this story will all come out you will have to pick up the second series to see how well this author will bring it all out to the readers.  I liked this series a little better than the first one.  Now what will the next series bring us?  I guess we will have to see in 'Unleashed Colors of Love #3'  This is definitely one of those stories that will have 'drama, family issues, emotional insecurities, unfortunate past' and in the end the reader will get  a twist on love and romance.

This book was provided as an ARC from NetGalley for an honest review.


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