The Devil Wears Diamonds, By: Jhordynn

Book Description...

"Nicci will be anything in life that she needs to be... as long as the price is right. The only thing she refuses to be is a damsel in distress. Youthful curiosity revealed that men are more valuable as dead husbands. The master plan and blueprint for her life that she has laid out on her crystal table doesn’t include fear. She’s not even afraid of the deadliest weapon: karma. Nicci never waits for a window of opportunity; she knocks a wall down and creates her own. She lives by one rule and one rule only: if you can’t join ‘em, BEAT ‘EM...Until she accidentally on purpose tastes a gulp of kryptonite—love. Detrek makes her forget all about her blueprint on her crystal table. For the first time in life, Nicci only desires to be happy… for free. Will Detrek make her change her ways forever? Can Nicci turn away from her evil ways? Is this love for real, or is it just another scheme in her blueprint?"

Title:  The Devil Wears Diamonds
Author: Jhordynn
Publisher:  Jhordynn
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: Five

"The Devil Wears Diamonds" by Jhordynn

My Thoughts....

This is definitely one of those reads that will give you reason to ponder long after the read.  This author really give the reader quite a intriguing read that will keep your attention just wondering what is coming next.  The character Nicci will really be someone to not mess with especially with "The master plan and blueprint she had for her life which didn't include fear."  Now, why was this?  What had happen to Nicci for her to be like this?  What will happen when 'karma' shows up?  I liked how this author shows us that maybe there will be a change when Nicci Detrek.  Will Detrek be able to make Nicci forget "about her blueprint on her crystal table."  Will Nicci receive the happiness she desired in her life and turn away from all of her killing ways?  Will Detrek be their for her once he knows all the badand evil things that Nicci has done in her life?  And Nicci's do they play in this story?  My favorite part was that dream!  To get this complete story you will have to pick up this novel "The Devil Wears Diamonds" to read for yourself how well this author presents it to her readers.  It will be a complete story that will leave you saying wow.  At the end of this novel the author also gives us a wonderful well written poem...'Sober Thoughts' that really sums up this whole story. Thank you to the author for a very intriguing well written novel.


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