Quagmire By: Brian W. Smith

Book Description....

"Would you protect your brother if he committed a murder? What if the person your brother murdered was related to your spouse? In his trademark style, Bestselling Author, Brian W. Smith has penned a mind blowing novel that will have readers questioning whether marriage vows trump a sibling bond. The suspense is capped off by a mind blowing surprise ending."

Title:  Quagmire
Author:  Brian W. Smith
Publisher:  B.W.S.
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: Five

"Quagmire" by Brian W. Smith

My Thoughts.....

All I can say say wow...what a well written intriguing story that will definitely keep you on the edge
of your seating with all the suspense, twist and turns and drama of this plotted read.  The characters
from Rosie, Eric, Ivy, Nick, Carl, Connie and a few others ....will keep you reading to see what will be coming next   The reader will find all being so well developed, defined, portrayed, realistic and oh so believable giving you one read that will leave you shaking your head had saying wow...what a story this author has given the readers.  Wife. husband,sister, sister, brother brother...what a situation that these people find themselves in and in the end...well it all comes out will there be a  showing the 'thin line between love and hate'  as one will see from the read how this author shacks it all up especially between the two brothers!  This novel is one to definitely check out if you are up to a suspenseful read with some dark secrets  because when it's all said and done ...well this is where I say you must pick this one up and read it for yourself to see how well this author presents it to the reader. I just wished it had an epilogue because I wish there had been more about Rose and Eric in how things turned out for them after all was said and done.


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