A Piece of Sunday's Soul: A BWWM Romance By: Theresa Hodge

Book Description....

"Sunday Gallenger was only eighteen when she left home to follow her dreams. She was a sister with big times dreams and plenty of songs in her heart but no place but the privacy of her bedroom to sing them. One day she saw the chance to make her dream come true, so she left home without the blessings of her parents and headed for the bright lights of Nashville, Tennessee. Sunday’s soulful voice and determination to be the best led her to take the impossible chance of becoming the next big country star on a new show called "The American Dream."
Travis Lee was intrigued by Sunday “Soul” Gallenger. Not only was he one of the top ten country singers of all times, but he was one of the judges on The American Dream. His dark hair and smoldering eyes left women entranced and seeking his attention from all corners of the globe. His wanderlust spirit left a trail of broken hearted women in his wake. That was until the young, talented dark beauty by the name of Sunday showed up at auditions. He was ready to lay down his playboy ways to win Sunday's heart and soul.
Will the two singers who are so different yet so much alike let their souls make beautiful music together?"

Title:  A Piece of Sunday's Soul: A BWWM Romance
Author:  Theresa Hodge
Publisher:  Shani Greene-Dowdell Presents
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: Five

"A Piece of Sunday's Soul: A BWWM Romance" by Theresa Hodge

My Thoughts....

I enjoyed this wonderfully written love story of Sunday and Travis by this author that kept your attention all the way to the sweet ending.  When it looked like all was lost for these two hope seemed to come in just at the right time in their lives.  It was good seeing Sunday grow up in the read as the
hero had wanted to happen.  Now, to get the whole story of this romance you will have to pick up this good read to see how well it all comes out for the readers as we see if following your dreams was all
good for Sunday.  Because Travis never gives up will he get what he wants in the end?


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