The Only Best Place By: Carolyne Aarsen

Book Description...

"When her husband moves her and their two children from her great career and her life in the big city to his boyhood home back in Holmes Crossing, Alberta, a.k.a., nowhere, to help with the struggling family farm, Leslie feels disoriented and lost. Her five year plan had never included being a farmer's wife but now she's helping move cows, feed chickens and trying to find her way through the VandeKeere family interactions where she doesn't feel she fits in. The fact that the move was only temporary helped her go along with this detour in their life. That and the fact that their marriage was on shaky ground. Leslie hopes taking a break from their previous life will help her and her husband rekindle their marriage. But when her husband hits that the move might be permanent, she has to decide what to do. As she faces questions about her marriage and her faith in a God she didn't know much of before, Leslie has to struggle to find the only best place for her heart."

Title:  The Only Best Place
Author:  Carolyne Aarsen
Publisher:  Misty Ridge Publishing
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: Four

"The Only Best Place" by Carolyne Aarsen

My Thoughts....

First of all this is a christian fiction and with that being said I thought the read was one that would
capture your attention all the way to the end.  Seeing how a marriage of Leslie and Dan Vandekeere
that was almost broken then seeing how this story gets turned around where there is also dealings with moving to Holmes Crossing, Alberta, two children, a dog. business issues, let's not leave out those family members with issues, to a few friends, religious issues and you get one good story.  This was quite a good read of one letting go of the past and moving on which can be hard as it was for Leslie.   Will she be able to do it with all she has before her? What will happen after Leslie gets a little knowledge of what faith is and trusting in God?  Thank you for such a enjoyable read of love and forgiveness.  


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