Deliberate By: Dixie Burns

Book Description....

"Leigh Blackburn is a busy woman. Head down and deep into a job, an eleven-year-old son, and a failing marriage, she hasn't got time for jury duty. Who does? However, the county court has other ideas. Serving on an all-female jury, she is forced to deliberate about more than the trial at hand. Old memories surface and Leigh makes a deliberate decision to take a hard look at her life and where it is going. I've certainly been there. Haven't you?"

Title:  Deliberate
Author:  Dixie Burns
Publisher:  Under the Live Oak
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: Five

"Deliberate" by Dixie Burns

My Thoughts....

What a life Leigh Blackburn had and it definitely was not a easy one!  Who would have thought that after she  had been called to serve on a jury that her eyes would be opened about her life..with her husband and even her mother.  But one thing that is for sure Leigh knew that she had to get it all together not only for herself but for her son Ben. This was not a happy read... definitely a tough one, however, there were a lots of lessons to be learned from this well written story that will leave you thinking about long after the read. What will happen when Leigh comes to believe it is time for a change?

Be ready for lots of drama and suspense as Leigh deals with being summoned for jury duty, her husband and mother.  What will happen as Leigh decides to take charge and move on with her life?
I did enjoy some of the witty humours time while she was on jury duty[in the courtroom], with her son and her neighbor and four dogs.  This was quite a interesting read of how this main character [Leigh] was able to 'deliberate her own life while deliberating the fate of an accused person.'  If you are looking for a poignant and touching story the reader will have one here..for "Deliberate" will bring it all to you in one relatable story.


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