Reserve My Curves 3 By B. M. Hardin

Book Description....

"Envy was no longer a woman down on her luck. She'd gone from rags to riches in just a short period of time, but what she'd had to do for the money, hadn't always been easy and would never be forgotten. Although Envy's days of having her curves reserved are finally over, life didn't exactly get better as she'd planned. The worst of her problems have just begun. She quickly learns that broke people problems and rich people problems are two very different things, and Envy wasn't exactly prepared for the challenges that a life of luxury would bring.
After learning a truth that she wasn't quite ready to receive, Envy had some tough decisions to make. The price for living a life of comfort was costly, but going back to struggling, for Envy, just wasn't an option. It was a sticky situation and the wrong choice, at the wrong time, could turn Envy's world upside down. And that meant losing everything that she'd worked so hard to gain. A few secrets weren't all that bad and with more than enough secrets of her own, Envy decides to keep her friends close, but her enemies closer; and that included keeping Silas and Carmen around for just a little while longer.
Envy allows the good to outweigh the bad, and plans for the future. Along the way, she's convinced that Silas just might be her happily ever after after all, but fate seems to have a few plans for Envy of its own. Things start to crumble but she was already in too deep, and Envy just couldn't turn back now, unless she pushed a few people out of her way.
With lies coming from every direction, and with secrets being revealed around every corner, it becomes clear to Envy that if she wanted to get her life back... she was going to have to put up one hell of a fight. But she was in for a battle that she was destined to lose. Carmen and Silas weren't the only people that she had to keep her eyes on. They weren't the only people with something to hide. But Envy was determined to uncover the truth and someone was bound to pay the price for her troubles; even if she had to be the one to pull the trigger.
Finally Envy understood what people meant when they said that you have to be careful what you wished for, because you just might get it. The question is, just what do you do when you no longer wanted it? What do you do when the person that you chose... is you? Sometimes the only way out was death. Whether your own... or someone else's."

Title:  Reserve My Curves 3
Author:  B. M. Hardin
Publisher:  David Weaver Presents
Series:  Reserve My Curves
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: Five 

"Reserve My Curves 3" by B. M. Hardin

My Thoughts....

What a READ!  This was some series and this novel was over the top.  What the author gives to her
stories are simply off the top...well thought out and so well written.  Once you pick up her stories you will not be able to put it down until the end and this series was the ending to the 'Reserve My Curves.'
All of the characters were so well developed and well portrayed.  I will say this last series was absolutely so well told where there was nothing left out for the reader to wonder about.  I will say you will not be able to stop reading till the very end because there will be so much going on and the reader will not want to miss any of it.  You definitely will not be able to predict what will happen next because there will be so many twist and turns to the very end.  All I can say if you want a interesting urban series...'Reserve My Curves 1, 2, and 3 that will give you one interesting and  intriguing story with so much drama that I thought was simply off the chart ...a  good read.  Would I recommend?  YES, the entire series so you will understand all that has gone on.


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