Beautiful Assassin: Revelations (Destiny Awaits Book 2) Kindle Edition by Stephanie Nicole Norris

Book Description....

"The enemy of my enemy is my friend…

In Beautiful Assassin Hitwoman Celine Briggs came out of retirement seeking vengeance from adversaries from her past. Celine had a score to settle and wouldn’t rest until she’d slain her last mark.

Celine’s allies are few and far between, and her enemies are teaming up to take her and the empire she reigns over down. With an impending war on the horizon, will Celine survive long enough to defeat her rivals or will being in the line of fire consume her? Find out in Beautiful Assassins Part 2. Revelations."

Title:  Beautiful Assassin: Revelations 
Author:  Stephanie Nicole Norris
Publisher:  S.N.N.
Series:  (Destiny Awaits Book 2)
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: Five

"Beautiful Assassin: Revelations (Destiny Awaits Book 2)" by Stephanie Nicole Norris

My Thoughts....

Wow, what a wild ride as this author's story keeps your attention as you are turning the pages to see what was coming at you next.  I enjoyed how the second book continues on from where the first story left off giving the reader one heck of a good read.  This was definitely one of those story that was full of action and the reader will definitely know who is the boss as well as the queen [Brian & Celine].  I would suggest that the reader read the first book before reading this second one for a better understand of just what had happened earlier in the story.  All in all this was a good fast  read.  


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