Fearless: A Sports Romance by Amarie Avant

Book Description.....

"Zariah Washington

When my best friend is beaten to within an inch of her life, I step into Vadim's Gym, where her boyfriend exercises, and go off. Though, I'll one day become a district attorney, there's nothing graceful about how I seek justice, which is all a big mistake. One: I'm at the wrong damn gym. Two: I've cussed and disrespected every male in the place. Oh, and the Russian fighter I encounter, whose jacked with muscles and packing heat, won't let me go! He promises to extract vengeance. His loyalty comes at a price. Not to mention, my father is the Chief of Police.

Vassili Karo Resnov

Zariah and I had a misunderstanding when she walked into Vadim's Gym. The beautiful, black vixen came into my life and cussed everyone out before I could say a word. I introduced myself, the anger and desire she felt gave way to fear... But we'll fix that, because now she's mine."

Title:  Fearless
Author:  Amarie Avant
Publisher:  Jessica Watkins Presents
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating:  Five

"Fearless" by Amarie Avant

My Thoughts.....

This author has done it again and that is giving the readers another good read.  This story was of Zariah [educated, strong & intelligent] and Vassili [Russian MMA fighter, Alpha] that was off the chain being a well written story that will keep ones attention to see what was going on next between these two. How will these two survive from this instant attraction be able to fit into each others lifestyle?  These two characters will keep you on a emotional ride due to the fact that both of these two were so very 'strong will and determined' and let's not leave out the hot chemistry that flowed heavily between them.  I will say at times I did question Zariah's reactions toward her father in regard to what all had happened to her mother and brother.  Be ready for lots of drama, humor,  mystery and oh my that romance!  Will Zariah and Vassili be able to whether the storms that seems to always be around them with some deep family issues along with some their racial backgrounds?  I was so happy to see this story ended with a HEAFN leaving the reader to know there will be 'more curveballs to come' along with some unanswered questions to be answered.  Thank you to the author for another good read!


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