How We Love:Expanded Edition: Discover Your Love Style, Enhance Your Marriage By: Milan Yerkovich & Kay Yerkovich

Book Description....

"What Determines How You Love?

Each of us relates to our spouse based on how we experienced love as a child. In this expanded and enhanced companion workbook to How We Love, relationship experts Milan and Kay Yerkovich offer assessments and conversation starters to help you and your spouse identify your relational patterns and realize how they are affecting you now. Their solution-focused tools help you:

* understand why your spouse relates to you the way he or she does
* learn how to break free from the barriers that make you feel stuck
* see the connection between your personal love style and your childhood
* follow specific, clear goals to create a thriving marriage
* ask and answer questions strategically with your spouse

The Yerkoviches have helped thousands of couples around the world heal and renew their relationships. This eminently practical guide will take your marriage to the new level of intimacy you’ve always wanted."

Title:  How We Love: Expanded Edition
Author:  Milan & Kay Yerkovich
Publisher:  WaterBrook
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating:  Five

"How We Love: Expanded Edition: Discover Your Love Style, Enhance Your Marriage"   By: Milan Yerkovich & Kay Yerkovich  

My Thoughts....

This was a beautiful knowledgeable read from these two authors!

What I received from this novel...

Wonderful inside information....that offered different exercises to help one with self awareness and growth goals... great in depth workbook

I loved their accurate description of  a secure connector:
the Avoider, the Pleaser, the Vacillator, the Controller and the Victim.

I found there was great presentation of case studies that were bought out so clearly.

While reading and working through  "How We Love" one can rekindled ones love and even learn respect for each other.

This novel is not only for couples!  I found this a wonderful read for working in one's  marriage and relationships. This is definitely a help in ones marriage and family. This read can not just "change ones marriage but also every relationship  that is important to ones life."

If you are in need of a 'Marriage Counselor' this read will be for you.

After reading "How We Love" the reader will see that its definite a literature that has been well descriptive written, with great research and resources.

The way these authors treatment of this subject along with 'Biblical truths and wisdom will bring a healing that can change ones life.'

I will say this is one of the best self help books that I have had the privilege of reading!

By the end of this read...the reader will get a easy, enjoyable, and well as a fantastic read that I would recommend to all young married couples as well as old.


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