Ray of Life by E. L. Todd

Book Description.....

"Austen and I could never have something real.

She's still hung up on her ex. I'm still in love with Rae.

So we'll just stay friends.

But I miss her all the time. When I'm lying next to someone else, I wonder if she misses me too.

Does she?"

Title:  Ray of Life
Author:  E. L. Todd
Publisher:  E.L.T.
Series:  Book 7
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating:  Five

"Ray of Life" by E. L. Todd

My Thoughts...

This was a beautifully well brought out series number 7 that featured not only family, friends, lost but in the end a true love finally  coming together as it was for Ryker and Austen.  All that is left to say is that Ryker really had some true friends in what that did for him at the end.  Finally Ryker and Austen gets their HEA!


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