Undisclosed Desire 3: The Contracted Lovers by Falon Gold

Book Description...

"Two people have never clashed more morally than Camron Powers and his personal assistant, Amari Spencer. She was taught to earn everything she gets and treat everyone with respect. He’s never lacked for anything because of the silver spoon he was born with. It didn’t come complete with manners or a heart however, and now, he wants to know how to love someone, specifically Amari.

But it’s too late.

She’s had enough of his indecent behavior in the workplace, will give him two pieces of her mind, quit her job, and start a war that she’s not equipped to fight on a billionaire’s level. She and her family could lose everything that they’ve worked for. Camron is ruthless enough to take it, but he’ll learn some things just can’t be bought, hijacked, or forced.

The heart is one of them.

Can another Powers descendant find happiness and hold on to it? Can Amari and her loved ones survive Camron’s battle for her love?"

Title:  Undisclosed Desire 3: The Contracted Lovers 
Author:  Falon Gold
Publisher:  Nayberry Publications
Series: #3
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: Five

"Undisclosed Desire 3:  The Contracted Lovers by Falon Gold

My Thoughts.....

What a wonderful ending to this series that dealt with the 'Owens, Nordic-Ford, Spencer and Power's families.'  I loved this love story that had so many complex characters that the reader will find many trust and social issues up front and center.  In this saga  Amari and Camron's contract was really quite a issue for them and that ending was quite well presented. We find Camron was quite the alpha and it is quite interesting seeing how just how Amari was able to help him.

 The epilogue was definitely my favorite as it showed what had happened with many of the family members and friends as the story moved on to the end.  Will Camron and Amari get their HEA?  Well, you will have to pick up this series to see how it will all come out.   This was the ending of this series and I will say it was a very enjoyable read that I would recommend as a good read.


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