The Christmas Phoenix

Author: Patricia Kiyono
Published By:  Astraea Press
Age Recommend: 16
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Raven Rating: 5
Blog Review For: GMTA

"The Christmas Phoenix" by Patricia Kiyono was a really good Christmas story in one finding new beginning.  This was a real quick short story but really well written novel. Jess's life was one of being a single parent after the death of her husband with a fourteen year old son.  Did she have her chores....working two jobs, putting food on the table but most of all being there for her son. It was not a good time for Jess and something good  happens and that is Jake Thompson, a ice sculpturer... moves in the neighborhood.  He was definitely in the need of healing..recovering  from a disastrous relationship and war in Iraq.  Jake was now living in his sister's  vacation summer home during the winter.  Upon there meeting and getting to know each other .... will (Jess and Jake) come together in "The Christmas Phoenix" and be able to start a new life together? Truly, Jess needed someone to help start  a new life with  and Jake needed someone  to "ignite the fire in his heart and burn away all the hurt." 

The characters were really fulled with a lot of strength...Jess working very heard providing
for her son and Jake trying to stand alone but soon..."he changes  when he see how hard
it is for Jess and I don't want to leave out the dog who just needed extra love from  the boy.
Now, this is where I say you must pick up this good read to see just what "The Christmas
Phoenix" is all about.....  Definitely  this was a second chance for Jess and Jake. Get ready
for a genuine good read.

Be ready for a very a loving novel with interesting details  that I would recommend as a
good short read.  I also found the book cover is really  beautiful piece of art to look at too.


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