Moonlight on the Palms

Author:  Lisa Green
Published by:  Astraea Press
Age Recommend:  16
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Raven Rating: 5
Blog Review For: GMTA

"Moonlight on the Palms" by Lisa Green was a very sweet contemporary romance. In Ms. Green's writings you can  really see she how "she fuses her love of the written word  with an enjoyment of studying people."  I believe she did a wonderful job with this novel... "Moonlight on the Palms" being a  of betrayal and healing.

This person Astrid Kent from Seattle  was hurt in just two specific ways ....her ex boyfriend
and  dear mother.  After eleven years  of not speaking with  her mother....her mother
dies and now Astrid is back home in Brownsville...dealing with the will and going  to the
funeral she is at her mother's home where there are now two men Manfred Barnes and Juan Marquesz.. later.she see someone prowling at night around the house(La Casa) at night ..and then finds a letter and codes telling her not to trust anyone. What was strange about all of this?...later finding a paper behind her mother's painting of her....Astrid showed this  paper to Manfred .......Was Astrid seeing her mother's ghost? Were these two men in love with  Astrid? ....Did Astrid mother's home have secrets?  Will Astrid be able to solve the mystery behinds her "mother's other-worldly help  and be able to find forgiveness for her mother's betrayal?"   Now, in order to get all of these questions answered and even  more  you must pick up "Moonlight on the Palms" to find out all of the secrets that will be revealed in this read and what a ending!

"Moonlight on the Palms"  was a good read for me and if you are interested in a good
contemporary romance then this novel is a good read for you.


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