A Thin, Dark Line

Author: Emma Elliot
Published By: The Writers Coffee Shop Publishing House
Age Recommended:  Adult
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Blog For: GMTA
Rating: 5


"A Thin, Dark Line" by Emma Elliot was a great blend of  mystery, with emotions, humor, family, and romance  that will enter into this  novel that kept the big  surprise of just what was behind all of this plot...only coming together toward the end.

A ex-con, Cormac O'Mally had come back to this town of Dogwood...after being in prison for killing the Sheriff's grandson.....needed a job and Eloise Carmichael come to his aid and hires him as a handyman at the library and all hell brakes
lose because the town was outraged and only wanted this "murderer" out of their town.  Will  the town of Dogwood ever  be the same?  However, Eloise
remembered the kind of person Cormac was to her when she was just thirteen and Cormac was sixteen.... how he had helped her when she had fallen off her bike.  Was this why Eloise had wanted to help Cormac now that he was out of prison? Did she still have a crush on him?  The town people are in a uproar that  the local librarian had hired Cormac.   Eloise  friends are now fearing for her safety, her family acts out, employees even quit... now  someone has ransacked the library and ...oh no,  someone is found dead.  This is where I will stop and say you will only get the rest of the story by picking up this excellent read to  find out just what will happen next.  Be  ready because there is a lots of twist and turns going on in this read of "A Thin, Dark Line."

The characters are all very intriguing, captivating, delightful, humorous...
... From Eloise(Aunt Weez), Jane, Ben,Robby, Harman, Cormac to many others that will keep your interest  in this wonderful well written novel. All of the characters added a certain element to this read that will kept you on the edge of your seat till the end just wanting to know what this story is all about. Will Eloise and Comac which are totally opposites due to their pass be able to come together?  This author will definitely take you through a suspenseful mystery that will keep you guessing up to the end.  This is where I say again... you must pick up "A Thin, Dark Line" to see how all of this intriguing captivating  story will come out.  

Will there be a a 'Happy Ever After?'...after all the trouble this couple went
through?  Well, once again you will have to pick up this excellent  read that
I recommend to find out.


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