Wicked and Wonderful

Author: Valerie King
Published By: Spencerhill Associates, Ltd.
Age Recommended: 14+
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: 4


"Wicked and Wonderful" by Valerie King was a sweet wonderful love story. From
the title I thought it would have been a little more wicked but it was still good
read. The novel was of a women who had left her noble family to become a 'songstress with a group of traveling actors.'  What had brought Judith to this way of life? This traveling troups of performers ended up on Lord Kelthorne where he meets up with Judith in the apple orchard and the story take off.  Would there be a instant attraction for Judith and Lord Kelthorne? These two main characters will provide entertainment as you met up with the secondary characters that provide even more.  I will say that in order to understand this novel you must pick it up and read it to really get a  full understanding of just what this "Wicked and Wonderful" is all about. 

I found "Wicked and Wonderful"  a very nice sweet love romance and yes I would recommend this one to you.


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