Author: Marie Everson
Published By: B & H Books
Age Recommended:  YA
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: 5


"Unconditional" by Marie Everson was a wonderful well written novel that was
a pure delight to read.  Samantha and Billy Crawford were married and now he had been murdered.  After three years Sam still hasn't come to terms about her husbands' murder.  It was truly fate how these two people who had been friends
as children...now adults reconnect(Sam and Joe)with one goal and that was to help others.  Just how the lives of these two people crossed at such a critical time.. just who will save who?

This novel will deals with death, depression, chronic illness, and most of all
saving the children.... only leaving you with a powerful message that will stay
with you a long time after your read.  The way this author is able to hold your
attention as she crafts through and simply draws you in was really dramatic read.  It was truly a  novel that I found myself  laughing and even cried as this moving story progressed.

Will this writer be able to write again after the death of her husband?  When her
husband died Sam  thought that her world had stopped...ready to give up ...but, through knowing and seeing how God will bring you through this ..she could and would  make it. How?  This is where I say you must pick up "Unconditional" to find out just how this story will turn out. 

"Unconditional" is definitely a novel that will make you think and even appreciate what all is evolved in making a difference in the journey of life. I found this novel  very intriguing from the start till the end and I would recommend "Unconditional" as a excellent read.


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