Where the Heart Lies

Author: Michelle Garren Flye
Published By: Carina Press
Age Recommended: Adult
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: 5


"Where the Heart Lies" by Michelle Garren Flye was really some read that I
truly enjoyed.  This novel will be dealing with a military family(The Galloways).
The story opens up as the husband (Ty)has died in the line of duty in Afghanistan....  and his wife(Alicia)  a Military Spouse..and their two children have come to live in  a small town in North Carolina to  take over her father in law's  book store.  Will life be better for Alicia and her children in this town  where it seems that everyone know everyone else's business?  This is the  town that Alicia's husband grew up and before his death they had decided
to move back.... now that Ty's father is now ill and wanted to be close to his family.  Will this work out for Alicia?  Alicia will form friends..Penny, Liam and some others  that will have secrets and these secrets with really present many twist and turns.... that I  will only say that you will have to pick up this novel "Where the Heart Lies" to see how this author presents this well written story.  I think that this author did a wonderful job of showing such respect for this
military family.  I thought  that the characters were all good...showing such emotions that really made this a  wonderful read. 

If you are looking for a amazing entertaining novel you have come to the right
place and I would recommend this one as a excellent beautiful and heartwarming read.


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