Daughter's of Fire

Author: Tom Peek
Published By: Koa Books
Age Recommended:  Adult
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Blog For: GMTA
Rating: 5

"Daughter's of Fire was a very interesting novel that takes place over 16 days on the Big Island of Hawaii.  You will find this novel ...full of 'romance, intrigue, myth, and murder.'  All I can say is this wonderful well written novel  will keep you truly turning each page, shaking your head and saying Wow ...I didn't see that one coming! This author, Tom Peek really put a lots of not only writing but researching to be able to tell this 'tale that illuminates the spirit of a native Hawaiian people struggling to keep faith the aloha.'  This author gives us a wonderful interpretation of this culture and science so that the reader will be able to fully understand Hawaii's archeological, the Big Island ecosystem and its culture...all in this creative story telling. The main part of this excellent read is showing how a contemporary places that has been taken over by creedy politians and even businessmen that will try to make a profit any way they can. Now, I am sure you are wondering what this novel is all about and this is where I say you must pick up "Daughter's of Fire" to find out.  You will not be disappointed because this is a good read from start to finish.  Be ready for a very emotional and even terrifying paradise ride that has a lot of twist and turns.

"Daughter's of Fire" will give you a panoramic view of power and ownership and what one will do to get it and with that being said yes I would recommend this as a excellent read.


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