Dairy Of A Angry Pastor

By: Emeka O. Godwin
Published By: E. G.
Age Recommended:  Adult
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: 5

"Diary of an Angry Pastor" by Emeka O. Godwin was truly some read  that I found myself laughing so very hard at.  I am a preacher's kid and I could identify with a lots of this 'goings on.'  I hate to say it but a lots of this does go on in churches.  Now, we don't want to admit to a lots of it but it does go on and this poor pastor had enough and just wanted to share.   Even though this is a fiction read.... some of it could be very true.  In this read you could really feel the pain that this pastor went through.  Now, I know many of you may not like this read but look...let's be honest...some of us church folks do some funny stuff and if you can't laugh at some of it well it's .... OK.  I laughed because I know this read is true in so many ways.  It just lets you know what  some 'Christians  have to go through and the many challenges pastors have to deal with.'   Again, I like the read and if you want to see what some pastor's have to go through this is one read for you.  Be ready for a good laugh but in the end there is a message....Did you get it?


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