The Highest Stakes

By: Emery Lee
Published By: Sourcebooks Landmark
Age Recommended: Adult
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Rating: 5
Series" Georgian Gamester #1

"Highest Stakes" by Emery Lee was a good historical romantic novel which was about 'Equine' ... horses. This was taken from the 18th century setting mostly in England's Georgian period where you will find 'the history of horse racing provide an educational read, while the plot is part love story and part adventure thriller.' The three main characters: Charlotte, Robert and Philip. "While the characters are involved in all that would be expected of a romance novel, the focus is not really on their relationships that much but, on the horses, themselves." This author really worked her magic with the horses...the sound and temperament simply came to life in the read. After completing my read I found that if you like the be around horses, you will enjoy the novel. Now add to the story horses, friendship, intrigue, betrayal and romance and you have a mighty good read. Be ready in "The Highest Stakes" horse racing, breeding will only a mere 'backdrop for the action and romance' of it all. Again, if you are a animal lover of horses and 'lovers of historical fiction' then this novel would be recommended to you.


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