Girlfriends Secrets

By: Charmaine Galloway
Published By: Charming Gal Publications
Age Recommended: Adult
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Rating: 5

"Girlfriends Secrets" by Charmaine Galloway was a wonderful written urban Christian novel of three friends who had secrets and drama in each of their lives that they thought were kept from each other. We find Tyra had once lead a 'promiscuous life' but had now changed by giving her life to 'Christ.' Alisha was just a 'single mom" with two young children and all she wanted was to be loved by her sons' father. Lastly, we have Brittany who had it all when comparing of the other two friends, but the one thing she did not have was the love she wanted most. This author did a wonderful job in presenting each of these three characters that will take the reader on journey of many twist and turns only leaving us to wonder in the end will they ever get it right? Will they remain close friends after some of the secrets come out? In reading the novel the reader will be able to feel the pain that each one of these three characters will face. To find out the answers you must pick up the excellent read "Girlfriends Secrets" and see if these friends will finally get the peace, happiness and love they all seemed to have wanted. This author gives the reader a powerful inspiring story that will only leave you wanting more. Very well done to the author... Ms. Galloway!


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