Save Me A Novel

By: John Meany
Published by J.M.
Age Recommended: 18+
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: 4

"Save Me A Novel" by John Meany was a story that was loosely  based on a true story, and was published under the controversial title 'Pregnant Rape.'  This novel is not happy...even somewhat depressing however, the  read you will be able to feel the emotions  that will present a very realistic and moving story.  The characters were well developed, believable and very colorful only to give you a good read. This novel "Save Me" was written very well and once you are into the read it flows very well to the end and will leave you will a message from this author. After the rape, the drugs the drinking will Ashley  end up dead somewhere?  This is the time that I say you must pick up the good read to see what happens to Ashley.    The author did a wonderful job with this story of not  making it 'too graphic or vague'  but really making it 'not all victims of rape stay victims.' 


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