Stevie-girl and the Phantom of Crybaby Bridge

By:  Ann Swann
Published By:  A.S.
Age Recommended:  Teen - Adult
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: 5
Series: Phantom #3

"Stevie-girl and the Phantom of Crybaby Bridge" by Ann Swann was the third in third Phantom series for this author.  I did like the style that this author used in relating to the reader a 1960's setting.  Be ready for adventure as we are taken  to New Mexico on a camping trip with Stevie and her best friend, Jase.  During this camping trip they will be lead to a strange looking bridge...which is 'complete with the legend of a crying baby and a woman in white.'  This author will give the reader a rich story with great descriptions of this adventure...from cookouts, swimming, kissing  and even 'trekking' in the woods.  Be ready for lots of adventure, danger, fun and most of all the mystery (the ghost) of it all.
You will have to pick up this good read to see just how this author presents it all to the reader.  It will be a beautiful be ready for a good read. 


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